My name is
Markus Lachinger.

I am an Entrepreneur, Software Engineer and Product Manager.

My focus is on full-stack programming for web and mobile applications, building scalable infrastructure as well as user experience.
I am currently Director of Engineering at CallidusCloud leading Backend and Analytics of Badgeville. My interests extend into machine learning, big data analysis, public speaking, productivity and scientific research.
I have a Bachelor in Computer Science from the Technical University Munich (TUM) as well as a Masters in Software Management from Carnegie Mellon University. I co-founded the startup ComicBin, a subscription site for digital comics, where I was in charge of everything on the technical side, including implementing the complete website, iOS app and the comic processing pipeline. In my free time I am a passionate photographer, PC gamer and daydreamer looking for the next big thing to make our lives easier.
I am based in San Francisco, CA, in the heart of the Silicon Valley. I am looking for new ideas, like-minded people to discuss them, seasoned entrepreneurs and investors as well as fellow photographers and models that enjoy spontaneous and fun shootings. Feel free to just say hi!